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Tell Andi a Story
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Oct-30-2005 19:25

Her internet died and won't be back for a month; she misses sleuth. So we're going to do a story for her set in Memphis, TN. I'll start and then someone else can pick up the thread.

Here's the beginning:
I walked down the dark street, angrily. The police had taken my case from me. This was the type of thing they wouldn't normally touch with a ten foot pole. But this time was different. The police cheif had looked at my notes, and said, "Good work; we'll take it from here." I had been shown the door. Now as I walked I wondered what to do with the rest of my evening; I had been planning on doing some further investigating. Suddenly a scream filled the air. Without a moment's hesitation I ran towards the sound. Maybe I would get some investigating done after all.


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Oct-31-2005 20:35

*S&H :)

R Anstett
R Anstett

Nov-1-2005 05:36

Shakes his head as he watches everyone scurry around the scene. Seeing Lady Em hurry off with a chocolate bar as a little girl was crying was strange enough.

But Mak and JST had mentioned chocolate also. Hmmm, maybe he should take another look at that file. He moved to a brighter lit doorway and opened it up.

What he had first thought were blood stains turned out to be chocolate finger prints all over the evidence. Maybe the dames were on to something.

As he walks past a newstand with ridiculous stories of a glass flying object he tries to track down that Bitter Sweet Detective. Something clicks in his mind. Chocolate, Bitter, Sweet, finger print stains.

There was a dark chocolate lover out there with sticky fingers and he wanted a taste of it.

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