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Arkain Detective Agency needs a new recruit(s)!
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Luniar Arkain
Luniar Arkain

Oct-30-2005 11:00

The ADA is looking for a twelfth agent!

The ADA is currently located in New York, in an Abandoned Theatre:
Maximum Detectives: 12
Maximum Case Files per Detective: 5
Item Storage Space: 31
Message Board: Yes
Crime Lab: Yes
Status Bonus: 3

The ADA is looking for a bi-daily (or more active) member, whose experience is over 1000. The ADA will provide money for travel for those of you fresh to the subscription experience.

That also means that, yes, we travel into the three other cities for hunts.

For those who are interested, thank you for your time.



Nov-22-2005 21:03

If you write a FM who do you send it to? And also r u garenteed a subscription? I want to join an Agency, but i am not subscribed...

Luniar Arkain
Luniar Arkain

Nov-24-2005 18:28

You'll want to send it to Ben/Sleuth Admin. His e-mail is on the subscription page.

Buuuuuump. A few detectives are needed right now.

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