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FAQ - Faction skill
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An Zo
An Zo

Oct-7-2005 05:09

For all who wants to know how the faction skills work, I report an old jstkdn post:

Hypotism: each case some suspects you can hypnotize in giving more suspects. Which means you have to ask less questions to the suspects.

Pugilism: enhances tough.

Pick pocketing: allows you to keep the money of the client is the guilty one.

Surveillance: you can hide outside of one suspects house, and sometimes get the answer to an extra question.

Underworld connection: for that escaped suspect thing.

Safe cracking: only useful if you are in an agency. Allows you to take the last key in treasure hunts that involves keys.

A big "thank you" to jstkdn for this.


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Apr-2-2009 11:28

Pickpocketing- Dies Arcanum Brotherhood- New York + Delhi

Hypnotism- Order of Socrates- New York + Shanghai

Safecracking- La Cosa Nostra- New York + London

Underworld Connections- Eastern Triads- London + Shanghai

Surveillance- Circle of Light- Delhi + Shanghai

Pugilism- The Green Hand- Delhi + London

Hostage Negotiations- Tea Steepers- Shangra La

Trap Detection- Tigers- Shangri La

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Apr-2-2009 13:13

This is very helpful! Thanks to everyone!!!

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