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Which skill is more valuable?
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Oct-5-2005 11:31

I have:

Hand Writing Analysis
Sweet Talking
Footprint Analysis
Advanced Hair Analysis
Thread Analysis

What would be best to get next of the following three:

Lock Picking
Rule Bending




Oct-5-2005 14:56

All the skills work equally well for everybody (except ones that are enhanced by smart skills) - its just the price you pay in skill points is highest if your character lacks that attribute.

I'm smart/charming so I get a 2 pt discount buying any smart skill or any charming skill. You are totally charming, so you would get twice that discount buying charming skills but no discount on smart or tough skills.

R Anstett
R Anstett

Oct-5-2005 17:45

I would chime in and say rule bending is better than lock picking overall.

I have lock picking and not rule bending to be clear. But lock picking is not avialable to you with all suspects. It is nice to get that extra question when it is available.

But with rule bending possible to use on so many more people I would say it is better for you than lock picking.

That is based on the idea of you being Very Smart. For someone like myself who is Tough and Smart lock picking is the way to go first before rule bending.

Crash Walker
Crash Walker
Old Shoe

Oct-6-2005 03:54

If you use Charm then go Rule Bending before Lock Picking. Don't get Judge of Character until you have all the Smarts and all the other Charm skills

If you use Tough then go Lock Picking. Get all the Smarts and the other Tough skills. Then get Judge, then start on Charm skills.

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