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Need A Agency
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Sep-23-2005 04:32

i need an agency so someone invite me


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Oct-6-2005 14:22

Goonie....and I mean this is such a friendly, nice want respect in the Sleuth community right? As a Director, that I guess you've become now, you should act in a more professional , respectful manner. Would you want to join someones agency who is calling people lame, and telling them to shut up, because they are simply just stating facts about honesty, etc?
You had alot of chances to join agencies by many to say noone gave you a chance, is absurd.
You did something for YOU by stealing things that agencies worked hard for. If you want people to respect you, and like you....start acting with respect by being an upstanding, honest detective.
If I were you, I would get rid of the agency you have, and start at ground level ,just like most have done..either by being in an agency so long you make it to Director, or you raise enough money on your OWN to start one...because the agency you have now, is based on pure lies...and that isnt cool!
The people of Sleuth are the finest people I know Goonie and they are full of chances. Even for you....if you get yourself on the right track of doing things.
Now I am probably lame, and I should probably even shut up but you shouldnt be that way when people are just speaking TRUTH. If you see this all as dogging you, well, maybe deep down you know what you did was wrong too. ;)


Oct-6-2005 14:51

Goonie, I would please like to ask you to refrain from telling people to "shut up", or calling them lame. As Rock is an adult, and respected detective on this site. I am not moderating you right now. Because I know Rock can take the knock without reducing himself the same type of comments. And because I do think that Goonies comments serve a purpose in this debate.

Everybody who posts in this thread. I think points have been made, enough information is given for people to form their own opinion. I encourage you to stop posting, or take it up in PM. For the simple reason that, there are many agencies and detectives looking for recruits or be recruited. And it is a shame that this thread keeps being pushed up.

Thank you.

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