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physical evidence
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Jul-15-2004 14:10

the evidence I find at the crime scene rarely tells me anything useful.

The last couple of cases I did at the intermidate and hard level didn't have any connection to the people without legit. alibis.

I almost always have to depend on witness evidence to accuse.

What can I do to increase the possibility of physical evidence being relevant to the case? Which skill have you found the most helpful to have when it comes to evidence?




Jul-20-2004 19:18

One of the most vital ITEMS you can/should have is the CHEMIST KIT. Even with basic evidence skills, this raises your chances of finding and pinpointing your evidence. Even the magnifying glass would help, but understand, you are at a crime should be ready to search that scene. If you are part of an agency, you may swap your chemist kit after your search, and add something to enhance your witness questioning tactic, i.e. charm or toughness...I hope this helps!

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