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Sep-19-2005 20:32

There are always lots of suggestions about the game flying around, to the point where I wonder if it would be a good idea to have a new section of the message board just for suggestions?

In which case, it could be called "Suggestion Box?" ; )

But it might not be the best idea....things work pretty well as they are, I think.

What I have observed is that most ideas get kicked around pretty well here in sleuth talk, with different permutations and ramifications threshed out. Good ideas get implemented or get dragged up again after a while when they haven't been implemented and people still hanker after them -- or suggested over again by someone new.

I think all of that is a productive process.

Personally, when I REALLY want to make a suggestion that I think Ben will eventually read, I post it on the thread in Game Announcements where he asks for input, things we think will make the game more fun."

Anyway, anyone with suggestions, or suggestions about suggestions, feel free to post here. OR if you start a new thread about it, please post it with a specific title!


Sleuth Sindy
Sleuth Sindy
Pinball Wizard

Sep-27-2016 15:15

Booby has been in use meaning dunce since at least the late 17th century. A 'booby trap' was originally understood to be a practical joke - not necessarily anything dangerous. These two citations from the 19th century indicate that:

Francis Smedley's Frank Fairlegh, or scenes from the life of a private pupil, 1850:

"The construction of what he called a 'booby-trap'."

The 1868 Chambers Journal:

"A 'booby-trap; - it consisted ... of books, boots, etc., balanced on the top of a door, which was left ajar, so that the first incomer got a solid shower-bath."

This meaning of 'booby trap' is similar to the notion of April Fool, that is, the joke was such that only a naive 'booby' would fall for it.

By the early 20th century things had got much more serious. By then, traps that could, and were intended to, kill were also called booby traps.

E. F. Wood, in Intelligence Officer, 1917:"'Booby' traps were sprinkled about the country in the form of bombs."

P. Gibbs, in From Bapaume to Passchendaele, 1918: "The enemy left 'booby-traps' to blow a man to bits or blind him for life if he touched a harmless-looking stick or opened the lid of a box."

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