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Sep-14-2005 03:26

Newbies!!! Just to let you know you are very welcome to try out sleuthchat.

As it was just opened last week, there are a lot of people that are getting to know each other. Actually because of the interaction there are a few newer players, that I know more about now, then some of the members that have been around for over year.

All I am trying to say is. Don't be shy. Those that have been in sleuth chat already, will tell you that it is a welcoming place. And it is more about who you are in real life, then who you are in sleuth.

IN fact 90% of the time, sleuth is not even the the topic of conversation. Things can get quite silly there.

Come in an say hi. As it requires 500 subscribers or so for any chat site to give it a chance to happen to catch someone in there if you only check and log out right away. We do not have that many. So the best thing you can do is come in, stay logged in and keep it in the back ground. When someone else joins you, you hear a sound.

I also have seen some great newbie advise given there. And one person, already found a home in a cool agency because we had a director in there who was hiring. Kind of like networking.

There is no hierarchy and no newbie board in sleuthchat. So no are as welcome as anyone.


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Feb-26-2006 18:31

It's been cool to meet so many new faces in chat and and put people to names, it's made boring nights/mornings a lot more fun. Thanks Nikkie.

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