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New, and want to start your own agency?
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Aug-28-2005 05:25

You'd like to start your own agency? But you are a newbie yourself, and like to have a little advise an coaching?

Then I could help. I am jstkdn, in this community for a long time. Both as an individual player, and agency director, I have done well.

I no longer play the game anymore. I subbed last week after a long time again, to get my last two contacts. That's now all done. I may as well put the remainder of my subscription to some good use.

I can help with:
- Setting up your agency.
- Advise on how to do a good treasure hunt.
- Loan you some cash for equipment.
- Provide other useful info and advise both to agency and agent.

Further what you need to know is:
1. I play by the informal rules that we have here. And do not wish to do otherwise.
2. Only want to support friendly agencies and friendly people.
3. I will leave as soon as the agency is up and running, and given all the advise there is. I am not there to stay.
4. Don't want to be forced to donate money. But don't mind lending cash, provided it is paid back within a weeks time. Donating cash and equipment is something I may end up doing, but is strictly on a volunteer basis. And will depend how much time and cash you put in your agency yourself.
5. Will only join as director.
6. Will only join if you are seriously want to start an agency, and are willing to play almost daily. Really put your efforts in this endeavor.
7. Having a good time is important you.

Most important thing for you to know, is that you can not expect me to play any games. I can however donate my own games to you.

My stats:
- I have all skills and contacts in all cities.
- Almost 8 million experience.
- Currently number 1 player.
- In New York, I have the banker and the priest.
- Ex-Director of TAFKADD.
- Legendary Detective which means I am over 200 days old.
- Very involved in the community.

And one strict requirement is, is that you have the funds yourself to purchase the first real estate.


Luniar Arkain
Luniar Arkain

Aug-28-2005 15:10

Your interest rates should be based upon relation to the loanee. :O Best friend gets best rate. Now, THAT'S skewed logic!

7.8% compounded bi-annually, I say! ...With $0 down payment and 0.5% APR, Honda makes the best damn cars! </spurting random... things>

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