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There doesnt seem to be any way to complete hard cases for me.
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Ian Cameron
Ian Cameron

Aug-26-2005 01:46

The suspects,barring a few exceptions,-ALWAYS- refuse to talk after the FIRST QUESTION.

Which of course causes a problem since at absolute minimum you need to ask 2 questions,alibi and whether they know anyone else has a motive to commit the murder.

Even assuming you manage to pull off the interrogation/sweet talking for EVERY suspect that refuses to talk,you only get at most 2,occasionally 3 more questions,before you hit a brick wall and am not allowed to ask that suspect any more questions.

Then of course theres witnesses refusing to talk either.They follow same pattern.Barring some exceptions they -ALWAYS- refuse to talk after the first question,which more often than not is to check an alibi.Not to mention the way the physical evidence system works.

At most,you get 2 or 3 attempts to pick the guy associated with that physical evidence correctly.Thats assuming you suceed in the intimidation/bend rules roll.If you dont,guess are -FUCKED-.Why?Because now that physical evidence you just found is USELESS.

Lets assume you found a 2nd piece of different evidence.Same situation applies.If you dont pick the guy correctly,you are fucked.Since suspects apparently start bribing witnesses to lie for them on hard difficulty(how else do you explain that there is this mysterious footprint that doesnt match with ANY of the non-real alibie suspects....).

And bribing,while it always works,only works for ONE question only.So at most,you get 4 tries.If you are unlucky,you are fucked.

Back to suspects.Firstly lets -ASSUME- you are so lucky that every witness tells you whether hes heard anything about the case.Lets say 1 or 2 thinks they know who the murderer is.

Seeing as you asked them twice already,for alibie and other suspects,your chances of picking the right person to ask about is incredibly low,before they refuse to talk for all eternity.


Luniar Arkain
Luniar Arkain

Aug-26-2005 13:00

Jstkdn, you don't need to show off. =P I believe people already worship your experience in this game. :D But I'll be up that high someday. You'll see. << >> You'll ALL see! *cackle*

And yes, I agree; 300 experience is pretty pre-mature for Hard cases. Remember to get all the analysis...eses, Ian.


Aug-26-2005 15:41

That's OK cfm, we knew what you meant.

Jake Fenton
Jake Fenton

Aug-29-2005 06:08

I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw some comedy in this thread, Jstkdn ;)

Hey, I've got 1530 exp now and I'm still doing Intermediate cases. I too hate giving up on exp and skill points, and 9 times out of 10 I get the right person at this level. I'm going to learn Advanced Sweet Talking and then have another crack at Hard.

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