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Space for Two More Agents
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Deborha Lee
Deborha Lee

Aug-21-2005 05:06

Our Agency is located in the Haunted Night Club in Shanghai. It provides space for 11 agents, sports a state-of-the-art Crime Lab, boasts a very roomy Equipment Locker (which to date is filled with 2 sets of +4 Smarts Equipment and an extra set of Tough and Charming Equipment ranging from +3 to +4), and has enough filing space to allow each agent to store upto 7 case files each.

We have 9 agents to date:
Two are Very Tough
Two are Very Charming
One is Very Smart
Four are Smart and Charming

We are less than one month old, but have already recovered 2 Lost Treasures and are leading the recovery of our third. Our fame is over 5,000.

We have an off-site Message Board to allow us better organization and more space for communicating. Our agency has an agency clerk to track all safe and locker transactions. All directors post any withdrawls in the Message Boards, so that all agents know where our agency funds are spent. Any major under-taking is put to an agency-wide vote - majority rules.

Our safe has nearly $150,000 in it, so we will NOT be going under anytime soon. ;) Also, we make our Rookies Agents after a 2-3 day waiting period. This affords access to the Equipment Locker.

Eventually, we will be doing Inter-City Treasure Hunts, and so our agents have been collecting contacts in all cities. :) We will pay your passage to Shanghai, should you prove to be the right candidate for our team.

If you are interested in joining our active, competitive, if sometimes silly, team - please message any of the following agents:

Deborha Lee
Captain Caveman


Deborha Lee
Deborha Lee

Aug-28-2005 15:29

I have to post this. It was without doubt the most unique communique I have had in quite a while. ;) I'll not disclose the author, as I've not had a chance to ask permission.

"Dearest Ms. Lee,
You may recognize my name from the Weekly World Gazette. Perhaps that is presumptious on my part. I wish to inform you of my change of venue. Perhaps you heard of the Bahrati Case? All mine, baby, and I got the lumps to prove it to you. So what do you say you prepare a nice little desk for by the broom closet and give me a chance to show you what I can do? You won't have any regrets."

btw, our fame is over 8000 and climbing fast. ;) Also, we've still one opening left.

Ra Stamon
Ra Stamon

Aug-28-2005 20:22

No permission necessary. I no longer get paid by the word so my only recompense is the joy of seeing myself in print. I no longer get paid for much of anything for that matter. The ankle I had answering my blower has run off with that skinny kid Sylvia Lee (any relation?) had wrapping sausages. So if you wish to contact me you'll have to send me a wire.

Old Shoe

Aug-31-2005 15:42

Still Looking =)

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