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How annoying...

Jake Fenton
Jake Fenton

Aug-21-2005 03:03

I have to quit my current case, despite having physical and witness evidence against somebody. She has a false alibi as well, I've got her bang to rights.

Only problem is I got her name from a townsperson. The witness who knew her is, I think, the one who was bumped off before I got to question her a second time. I normally ask them for names on the first interview, but she looked stressed, and I wanted to save that last question for specific info on a particular suspect.

Therefore, I have no motive and cannot accuse the (assuredly) guilty person!

Is this just bad luck and can I expect this to happen often?


Luniar Arkain
Luniar Arkain

Aug-21-2005 03:47

Don't expect it at all because it almost never happens. It's only happened to me twice, throughout my 600+ cases. Don't sweat it; there'll be more cases, but I know how you feel.

Gena Long
Gena Long
Sleuth About Town

Aug-21-2005 05:48

That is very frusting, I had it happen once when my client was guilty. Everyone was clammed up, I only had 4 suspects named at all. I was able to store it in my agency and someone else was able to beat up the suspects enough to get a motive.
Another vote for supscription and agencies.
Luniar, how do you ever find the time for 600+ cases in 40 days!?

Luniar Arkain
Luniar Arkain

Aug-21-2005 15:09

Let's just say that my friend isn't exactly a paying DAILY member. He gave me permission to take his cases when he's not available. And I'm rather upset that he's not a daily player, but it certainly helps my experience.

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