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My sleuth site
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Aug-20-2005 21:53

Well I have comcast as my internet service provider now. Its broadband. One feature is a personal web page. I was going to do mine on video games but thought it would be too complex. I'll leave my message board for video game information.

Anyways I decided sleuth should be easy enough to write about. So I am going to have a site about sleuth. It will have information about the site and hints and tips.

It's not going to look all "professional" or anything but it should look good enough. I mean the personal webpage builder is a feature for members of comcast. I know there is a limit of 25 MB of space. So that should be more then enough to have a site about sleuth. I shouldnt get to a point where I need to delete stuff. I should be able to update fairly often when new stuff comes up on sleuth.

I will put up a guest book so people from here can sign it so I know who saw the site. There will be a polling booth where I will have polls about sleuth in general. I don't think I can have a message board for it so I'll have a link to my forum site and anyone wanting to post about my sleuth site can do so there.

My email will be up on the site too so if anyone wants to contribute something they can. Or if they need to point out errors they can. I think I can have multiple pages so I don't think I have to cram everything onto one page. I'll post more info here as it comes along.

(Also I PMed ben and said I was making a sleuth site. So probably soon you may see a link to it on sleuths community sites page)



Aug-21-2005 20:04

Well I forgot. When i first started as kid i was in the brotherhood for a few moments. Have been bad with them for months. I was in cosa nostra for months and months. Seemed like I was with them forever. Now Im with circle of light and eastern triads. Now that I think of it it is the cosa nostra that sells the item. I just forgot since its been a while since ive been at the cosa nostra HQ


Aug-22-2005 16:43

Yeah kid, if you make sure you use the wizard (not the write it yourself one.)

1. You get good looking templates to choose from. Either with pictures, or without and just boxes to put links in.
2. It has boxes where you put text. Or click on the link button etc.
3. In your admin manager, you can add extra features.
4. You can just copy and paste a picture in there, without having to save it first on your harddrive, and then uploading it. You don't even have to put a link to the picture. It will just add it where you pasted it.
5. Anyone can use this. It's free, and if you can play sleuth, you can certainly set up a website there without hassle. Just remember to use the wizard. And when you are done with a page, to hit the publish button (otherwise it remains a draft version, and it doesn't show up online.)

I know HTML like the back of my hand. But with these type of smart editors....I don't even bother for the initial set up to code it myself.
I only use code now, if I want to do something realy fancy.

If you do want to get real publishing tool of your own. Stay away from front page. But go for Dreamweaver. Real webpublishers use this. It is user friendly, but to those that need a lot of computer help in general, I wouldd not recommend it too. You can trial it for free. And of course there are ways, to not pay for it. As to how, I do not want to get in to here.

I don't have a website with bravehost anymore. This is because I wanted to learn PHP ad use wordpress. Neither I recommend to a beginner. But it allows you to automate a lot of things, add actual programs to your website in terms of administration purposes, you have more control too. I pretty much set up my own wizard for webpublishing there, using GUI's and stuff. :)

For playing with images. The professionals use Adobe Photoshop/Corel draw, which is expensive. But again, there are ways around that. A good alternative, which I believe is free is paintshop pro.

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