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Luniar Arkain
Luniar Arkain

Aug-19-2005 03:37

Just out of curiosity, has anyone discovered/owned a combination of equipment that would make a perfect outfit to resemble someone else? Or even just an outfit that would match, instead of having a combination like: a Sequined Flapper Dress, a Golden Turban, a Tommy Gun, and a Silver Handled Cane?

I discovered one last night. If anyone's familiar with Kaitou Kid (Phantom Thief) from Detective Conan (Case Closed), the way to replicate Kaitou is to have this combination, copyrighted by moi: White Zoot Jacket, Formal Top Hat, Silver Handled Cane, and Exquisite Monocle.

I know they don't go together in terms of statistics, but it would be a fantastic cosplay outfit. *would be willing to pay well over $40,000 for the Formal Top Hat alone*


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

May-26-2006 05:33

I wish there were more pretty dresses and more hats!
Or, more location specifi clothes... a bikini for Fiji! Cuban cigars for Havana. A Mardi Gras costume for Rio.

"What, whaddya mean, there's not new cities?" ;)

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