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Alibi-less Murderers/Un-cooperative Non-guilty Suspects

Luniar Arkain
Luniar Arkain

Aug-17-2005 16:25

Has anyone noticed that people who don't provide an alibi at all are guilty quite a bit more of the time than the usual suspects? Today, in most of my cases (I've solved 16 today), I've kept my eye on suspects with "none of your business" alibis. And checking evidence with them primarily seems to get the job done. Has anyone else experienced this happening frequently?

Also, for those of you who tackle the harder cases, has anyone noticed either of these two things: the most uncooperative suspects are listed towards the bottom; the most uncooperative suspects are innocent? On a good bit of my Almost Impossible cases, I've concluded that the most stubborn people are innocent. So I ask myself, "if they don't have anything to hide, why are they so stubborn?"



Aug-17-2005 17:43

I noticed the first ('none' alibis are slighly more likely to be guilty...but don't bet the farm on it...this another one of those things that seems to run in packs.) But I do use it - all other things being equal - to decide which suspect to try to confirm/rule out.

Didn't notice the latter, but did notice that the suspects who are associated with physical evidence are usually at the bottom of my list ;-)

Luniar Arkain
Luniar Arkain

Aug-17-2005 18:40

Well, think about it. Who'd seem more guilty: those who lie about their whereabouts or those who admit that they can't prove where they were? It's rather coincidental that the ones who admit towards being alibi-less seem to be more likely to be the murderer.

Really? The bottom? Come to think of it... that does make sense. What about people at the top of your list? Do they seem to have more of a tendency to give you Witness Evidence? That's how it goes for me. When the Physical Evidence matches up for me, I go through every suspect, top to bottom, checking the Witness Evidence, too (...I know. Overkill.). I notice that the first person on the list tends to give me Witness Evidence right off the bat. Crazy.

OH! What about people who establish their alibis at the places where the Physical Evidence matches up? I have the Barber as a contact, so whenever I get Hair, I bring up the complete (or almost complete) list of suspects, and click on each one, wait for the internet to bring back the results, consult Case overview, and see who the Hair matched up with. A good amount of the time, the Hair matches up with a suspect that established his/her alibi at the Barber. I don't know about anywhere else, though.

Gena Long
Gena Long
Sleuth About Town

Aug-17-2005 21:37

For a while anytime I had a none of your business person, I would check physical evidence right away and sho' nuff. Guilty as sin. Lately though, they have been innocent, like Dogberta said, comes in waves. Can't wait till next cycle, makes cases MUCH easier. :)

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