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One More Opening...

Deborha Lee
Deborha Lee

Aug-8-2005 00:54

Need help? Give a Yelp! has room for one more detective. We are a young, fast-growing agency. We are currently located in London, but will pay the passage for the right candidate. We are also looking at possibly moving up into yet a larger HQ.

Our equipment locker boasts a very fine selection of items to aid you in your detectival endeavors. Our choice stock is part of the reason we will be thinking of relocating to a larger location. ;)

Come join a team of ambitious, hard-working, fun-loving dics! :) If you feel you are the right candidate for our spot,
please contact one of the following:

Deborha Lee
Captain Caveman

Thanks and may your journeys bring you many cheap locks and loose lips. :)

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