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Looking for an agency

Alla G
Alla G

Aug-7-2005 19:35

Hello All,

My name is Ally and i'd love to join an agency.
My skills are as follows

Advanced Sweet Talking
Advanced Rule Bending
Hair Analysis
Thread Analysis

My standing with the order of socrates is good. My standing with the circle of light is currently Fair, though in a few days it will be up to Good as well.

Let's see. What else. I'm a 17 day old detective with about 19,000 experience. I've solved 109 cases with 4 quit and 1 false accusation.

As for how often i'm around, i'd say I check in for news and a couple of cases almost everyday and play a full load about 4 days a week.

Please anyone get back if interested


Alla G
Alla G

Aug-7-2005 19:56

Opps forgot to add. I have contacts in New York and Shanghai

Arthur Granville Smith
Arthur Granville Smith

Aug-8-2005 10:44

Ally - have sent you a message and an invitation!

Lady Eileen
Lady Eileen

Aug-9-2005 22:06

I would also love for you to join my agency! I'm looking for new subscribers to join Moonlighting.
I've just started the agency so it doesn't have all that fame that some of them do. We basically would be starting it out together. If you are interested then accept my invitation. Best of luck to you in whatever you decide.

Arthur Granville Smith
Arthur Granville Smith

Aug-10-2005 03:24

Ally - I've sent you another message and invite. If you aren't receiving any messages, it might be because you have a pop-up blocker on your computer. You'll need to swtich it off and then all the offers will come flooding through :-)

Old Shoe

Aug-10-2005 19:17

Alla, you have to be a subscriber to join an agency. We'd love to have you at TBird Investigations if you decide to become a subscriber to Sleuth. Best of luck.

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