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One Recruit Wanted
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Luniar Arkain
Luniar Arkain

Aug-2-2005 16:39

Must love sunshine and rainy days--... Er...

For those too lazy to check out the information about the agency, I'm the creator and main fund provider of the Arkain Detective Agency. As one of the best places, we at ADA are located in New York, in a Penthouse Office:

Maximum Detectives: 4 (3 already)
Maximum Case Files per Detective: 6
Item Storage Space: 14
Message Board: Yes
Crime Lab: Yes
Status Bonus: 3

The ADA actively engages in treasure hunts that involve the Dies Arcanum Brotherhood (well, my rating with the DAB is 43 at the time being, so... yeah.).

The ADA also provides a couple pre-solved cases per day for those with low experience levels upon request. Leave a post if you are interested and meet these requirements.

Logging on: Bi-daily (at the least)
Experience Points: 1000+
Factions: Any (preferably other than the Dies Arcanum Brotherhood)
Personality: Willing to work on Treasure Hunts, multi-city or single-city; willing to store unwanted favor equipment upon request; willing to store faction cases upon request.

Thanks for your time for reading this. ^^;


Mr Moggy
Mr Moggy

Aug-15-2005 14:21

can i join

Mr Moggy
Mr Moggy

Aug-15-2005 14:23

i dont want to join. it was my sister

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