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Detective's Archetypes

Dr. Restav
Dr. Restav

Aug-1-2005 20:31

What's the use of the Very Smart archetype?. I really have my doubts about it, since everytime I found an evidence it might or might not be the killer's, thats like not finding anything, is it?

I could get a footprint and a female's thread, but I could NEVER suspect the killer was female since the evidence might or might not be the killers, am I explaining myself?.

If you are thought and charming the information you get from suspects will ALWAYS be exact (I know you don't get the info 100% of the time, but I think is more often that having appropiate clues), if they say after you interrogate "I saw him washing his blood of his hands", you can be 100% sure he is the killer, right?.

Can someone give a light on this issues?, I'm really reconsidering starting over with a new detective since I picked a Very Smart one and I'm quite disappointed with the evidence handling.



Cee Cee Cane
Cee Cee Cane

Aug-1-2005 21:16

Here is something to think about and and then you can decide to start over or not and is my opinion I'm sure there are others.

Being smart you can buy these skills at a better price than others. Getting threads say will only work if there are threads at the crime scene and as you have discovered this is not always so. Even if you should get advanced threads which tells if it was male or female this may not show if your gear is not smart enough.

If you have the either tough OR charm interview skills they will help in every case. Both will work equaly as well so it is better to get all of one rather then wasting skill points on both and only having half the interview ablity.

Btw eye witness evidence 'I saw him washing' so on is only correct with a fake alibi there is always some one with a real alibi with eye witness evidence aginst them the are not gulity.


Aug-1-2005 22:51

As you work harder cases U will find that with out smart skills you will either not find all Physical evidence possible or if you don't have any advanced smart skills you may find a piece of evidence but won't know if it is slim/heavy,female/male,curly/straight or left/right
To be certain satisfy 1 formula below
#1-PE(physical evidence) + fake/none of your business/none=GUILTY SUSPECT
#2-WE(witness evidence) + fake/none of your business/none=GUILTY SUSPECT
Its not what you know but WHAT YOU HAVE PROOF 4!!!

Dr. Restav
Dr. Restav

Aug-2-2005 03:57

Uhm... The thing is that I might be expert in finding evidence, sometime I found things like this:
1. Footprint from slim
2. Footprint from heavy

I mean, its like finding nothing at all is it?.
Or lets just say I find:

1. Footprint
2. Handwritting from left handed person

I could think the killer was left handed, but sometimes I check ALL my left handed suspects but none of them was the killer, then I find the footprint was the real proof and I convict a right handed person. Another scenario:

1. Female's hair
2. Slim Person

As you know I can't cross out the heavy female and the males, it's like I cannot suspect noone from the evidence, since it might or might not be the killers, that what I'm finding hard to digest.

Seem I might find no evidence at all and by being the charmest guy in the world I can find the WE and non-aliby and convict the suspect. Easy. Or I can be the smartest detective in the world and find real explicit evidence as the 3rd example, but that tells me a little bit, am I explaining myself?.

I'd like to hear more thoughts of experienced detectives.

Thank you :)


Aug-2-2005 04:39

I think I get you.

Basically you use your evidence to guide your question asking. In my opinion the game is all about maximizing your question potential. The more specific your evidence is, the fewer questions you have to ask overall.

Remember no matter how many pieces of evidence you have only one will go to a suspect with a fake/none alibi. The harder the cases the more you will have to rely on evidence becuase there will be both more suspects and fewer questions you can ask overall.

For you right now I would recommend being a mixture of both smart and charming. Focus on those two areas of skills and equip.

Wow that was long :)
Congrats to anyone who made it though


Aug-2-2005 05:22

It's difficult to say as there are various ways of going about finding the murderer, all of which can be equally successful.

Some people prefer mainly using the suspects, some the physical evidence, others a combination, and then there might easily be a 4th and a 5th way as well - so basically it's a question of determining which method works best for you :)

And then possibly compare your method of choice to the different archetypes, since, as Cee Cee Cane mentioned, these affect how many skill points it'll cost you to get the various skills.

In terms of finding evidence at the crime scene ALL archetypes are able to automatically find ALL the basic evidence at hand IF they have the basic skills (i.e. basic Handwriting and Footprint analysis which everyone has from the beginning + basic Hair and Thread analysis).

It's not like a Very Charming detective won't find any f.ex. hairs at the crime scene even if he or she has the skill to do so just because of his or her archetype. But if you don't have basic Hair Analysis, you won't be able to find any hairs at the crime scene no matter what type of detective you have.


Aug-2-2005 07:33

In my opinion your achetype is only important when buying skills. In your case smart skills will be cheaper than the rest.
But this doesnt mean you cant buy other skills.

You need to find the strategy that fits your choise of skills.

Lets say you choose mainly smart and charm skills. This would put you in the same level as an all charming archetype that buys charm and smart skills. It would cost you both the same, only he will pay less for charm skills and more for smart skills. You will have it the other way.

You also need to find an outfit that completes your choise of skills.

In the case mentioned above both you and the all charming detective will need an outfit that is strong in charm and smart (I assume here that you are not in agency, thus no locker access).
this outfit will cost you both the same.

Also both of you will need to find evidence, talk to suspects and townies etc... Since both of you have the same outfit, skills and startegy you will both get the same result.

So... do you still think you are in disadvantage?

Dr. Restav
Dr. Restav

Aug-2-2005 13:03

*Reads all the posts*


reda said "Since both of you have the same outfit, skills and startegy you will both get the same result.".

Oh, I didn't count that, I mean, we have two detective, one very smart and the other very though, they both have bought the Intermediate Interrogation skill, and they both have the same item/outfit, so, they both will have the same chance of success when using the skill?.


Aug-3-2005 04:25

the only difference will be how much the skill cost them.

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