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Casa Blanca Hiring

Holly s.
Holly s.

Jul-18-2005 02:32

Have Gun,will travel?

Looking for a fellow Sleuth addict who loves to have fun and do daily treasure hunts.If you can't get enough of the game and want to get ahead you've come to the right place.

We are a top 10 agency and strive to stay that way.

We are based in jolly old London,England

We ask that you:

must be subscribed(a must to join an agency)

Try to play on an almost daily basis.(Hence,the addict part)
Or try at least playing 5 days a week.

Contacts and Factions are not important.
The barber or tailor in London would be nice though.
A sense of humor and being socialable is a plus.

We provide: help learning the ropes,accessories,crimelab,saving 7 cases a day,money for traveling to get on your feet starting out.
We also have our own webpage group.

If interested contact (PM)me, Mrs.Zane,Poirot_84 or Pookielove00. We may look full but have 2 openings due to someone leaving.



Jul-19-2005 17:03

we sre a great agency!!! We need you!!! Please come join us???


Jul-19-2005 17:04

sry we ARE a great agency


Jul-21-2005 20:29

hmmm what do u mean by saving 7 cases

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