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What the?
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Jul-11-2005 11:05

Hey what's wrong with this game? I can't even talk to anyone they all freak out! I go to someone in town, not even a suspect, I just ask one question, one, ONE question and half of them freaks out!

What rules this thing? Is it experience? I find that totally absurd and doesn't make any sense... especially some among those people owes me favors.

I'm only doing the hard and really hard cases, but they look like impossible to me I quite 4 cases out of 6 in the past three days because of that silliness of no one wanting to answer questions as stupid as have you heard anything about this case! LMAO

Can someone tell me how I can fix that? I,m tired of always wasting my skills and chances to charm someone for alibis and stuff... not to mention wasting money for that too in case of bribes.

You know what I find most stupid in this? It's that when I ask my first question to this guy, he freaks out, I charm him to answer me, and he tell me he knnows nothing!!!!!!!!! WHAT!?!? Why in hell did he freaked out anyways? What's with this game anyways?



Jul-12-2005 13:28

Columbob, yes experience is kind of a measure of how good you are. The more difficult the case you complete the more experience you get. Eventually skill points are rare and almost impossible to get. They do come with experience. With new detectives it is easy to get skill points but the more experience you have the harder it is to get skill points.

CFM, me either. I dont want to do tons of easy cases to find out how many I need to do to get a skill point. That would take way too long.

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