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Deleting Threads
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Jul-2-2004 22:21

It would be SO helpful for directors to be able to delete threads from the agency message board. There's so many now, I can't find the important ones! :)


D.L. Williams
D.L. Williams

Jul-4-2004 17:24

What Who WHEre HOw?>?

Now now Greyling... *pats Greyling on the back and replaces are soggy hanky with a Pretty Absorbant Scarf (worth 2 Charm points)*

...Let's not compromise your Charm Standing.. there there...

Yes, Greyling. OUr collection of important stuff is impeccable and highly commendable. I've had hours of research done just sitting in the Message Board storeroom.

Err Hemm. The "hours" seem to be a factor though, because some are duplicated, outdated, or even corrected for misspellings.

In my defence, I'd like to point out that each individual should be allowed to delete his/her OWN entry, so that there is no need for messages apologising for misspellings, mispostings etc, etc.

OR if there's an update, the individual can just collate and concise info, delete the old post and make it all nice and neat with a new one.

It'll tie in with the NEwsletter format, where highly important stuff only have information instead of comments like "Thanks" and "WEll done". That can all be said in a separate thread (if need be).

This option is very handy for clearing up clutter and not having to race through the whole message board storage, trying to find an old but highly important file sitting somewhere in the dust. Or trying to sift through the whirlpool of messages to find that few pieces of confidential info we need.

*Takes the Pretty Absorbant Scarf back from Greyling and wrings it a couple of times before handing back to her*

[Mental Note] . o O ( Enrol for Tact Classes soon..)

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