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Jumping on the Bandwagon...
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Jun-16-2005 08:28

Well, as everyone else is doing it, I thought I'd give a quick quiz too. These are games we used to play when we were bored at work (I worked in a video store)

The first is a subtitle quiz, I will give some subtitles of movies and you guess the movie. For example:

Protecting the earth from the scum of the universe
=Men In Black

There is an extremely handy website out there that will tell you all the answers in 3 clicks, but it's more fun to think about it, isn't it??

And the second is a simple steps quiz; we called it 6 steps to Kevin Bacon. We played it naming 2 film stars with an obvious connection ie, Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta-Jones or Tommy Lee Jones/Will Smith. Then you have to connect them again without using that link ie:
Will Smith - Wild Wild West w. Salma Hayek - Dogma w. Ben Affleck - Armageddon w. Liv Tyler - Lord of the Rings w. Cate Blanchett - the Missing w. Tommy Lee Jones!

You can use family ties, directors, any link. We used to pride ourselves on the most obscure links possible rather than the number of links. (We liked to show off our independent film knowledge - snobbery is everywhere lol)


Blaise Joshua
Blaise Joshua

Jun-19-2005 03:52

I don't think I've seen any of those films. Horrors aren't really my thing. The last 'horror' I saw was 'The Blair Witch Project' which, quite frankly, was very horrific at all : o )


Jun-20-2005 03:34

Right, request of Blaise; here's a new quiz that's not totally scary. There is a theme connecting them all:

1. Two men enter. One man leaves.

2. Something wicked this way comes.

3. Trapped in time. Surrounded by evil. Low on gas.

4. Adventure Is Reborn.

5. The West just got wilder.

6. A New Power Is Rising.

7. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

8. All the power on earth can't change destiny.

9. Break The Silence.

10. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the movies...

11. A little SQUIRT makes a big SPLASH!

12. The Gang's All Here.

Blaise Joshua
Blaise Joshua

Jun-20-2005 04:07

Hmmm ... one of the themes being that I don't know any of them! I'll have a go anyway.

1) Don't know.
2) Isn't that the title of a film?
3) Resident Evil?
4) Tomb Raider
5) Wild Wild West
6) Power Rangers
7) Don't know.
8) The Day After Tomorrow
9) Don't know.
10) Nope.
11) Nope
12) And nope.

Sorry Llolly ... all that work and so few answers : o ) I really should go to the pictures more - or at least pay attention to the adverts.


Jun-20-2005 04:24

rofl, well your guesses are entertaining enough for me to forgive you ;) Sorry to say, 0/10 tho. Keep trying!

Blaise Joshua
Blaise Joshua

Jun-20-2005 04:30

I didn't like this quiz anyway : o )

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