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Magical Transforming Bloodhounds
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Jun-14-2005 07:56

I realise that this is technically a bug issue but we have reported it and are in dire straits now!

We have an issue with our locker magically eating/transforming things. A Bloodhound just disappeared, a pearl handled dirk changed into a mother of pearl cameo and a studded bracelet changed into a tommy gun. Another bloodhound just changed into Orbs. This is in the last week. We had a bloodhound change into Orbs a few weeks ago aswell, but assumed it was a one off.

If anyone knows how to stop this, please share! And if not, Can anyone guarantor us the downpayment on 2 new Hounds??

We have moved to London now as well, so we don't have anyone affiliated with the OS!

*turns tail and gets the yellow pages out to check out working dog's retirement and rescue homes* Maybe we could get one secondhand....



Jun-17-2005 13:57

Skyler me thinks wearing a bloodhound on the head may draw too much attention to oneself1 :)

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