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Could/should there be an easier way to get the contacts you want?
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May-29-2005 09:34

Sorry about this but I really need to vent my frustration on this subject and screaming into a pillow hasn't help nor has pulling the hair off my head - it only resulted in a mouth full of feathers and an oddly looking coiffure.

I just can't believe it has to be this hard to get the contacts one wants, and am beginning to wonder if there could be some way of making it easier??

I've currently quit around 50 favours for Non-PE-contacts in Shanghai - 20 in the past 7 days alone, and during those 7 days+ today was the FIRST day, the FIRST in over 7(!!) days, that the townsperson I'm looking for actually said yes to letting me do a favour for her, and what did I get?? Another HAT!!!!
I've been doing plenty of PE-favours as well as favours in others cities, so I just couldn't believe my eyes when she handed me that hat, I really was so sure this was going to be the day, but then again that's what I've been telling myself for days now only to be let down again and again and again.

I think it's okay that if one wants specific contacts, one will have to "suffer" a little bit, but I also think this is bordering on the ridiculous. Getting the necessary PE-contacts in the 3 new cities cost around 1/3 of what I've been quitting to get this one particular non-PE.
I could of course give in, but that would also mean having quit all those favours for nothing as well as a total waste of the exp., agency bonus, and money that I've had to turn my back on.

I'm not sure if a way around this could be created, but am wondering if maybe it would be possible to turn down an offer from a townsperson of becoming one's contact. That way, one would still lose out on the money, but wouldn't be hurting one's agency the way I've been doing when turning down favour offers from townies we've needed for hunt?? - just a suggestion from a desperate player.


Luniar Arkain
Luniar Arkain

Aug-17-2005 16:19

Hehe. Happens to all of us; no need for apology. But then again, other than "sorry", there's not much to say. Aaaanyway...

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