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Why did you pick your detective name?
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May-26-2005 05:26
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Some of us have interesting reasons to pick a detective name. What is yours?

jstkdn which some people don't realize right away stands for JuST KiDding! It is something I tend to say a lot in real life after a lot of sentences. A good friend of mine in the US had jstkdn as a license plate of her car, so I wasn't that inventive myself.

My previous other agent was PM, which stands for Project/Program Manager, my profession in real life.

My only detective that I currently play with is freelancermountaineer. Only because Freelancer was taken. Sidney Bristow in the Alias series uses two call signs freelancer and mountaineer.



Jan-15-2022 12:08

I love cats and I'm a detective, so Kittydetectivve's my name.

P.S. I accidently put an extra v in my name. It was supposed to be Kittydetective.

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