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Cyrus Tibby - insane psychopath.

Sir Kittithaj
Sir Kittithaj

May-17-2005 06:03

I have just finished my last case for today. It was a favour for the tailor. See, Thaddeus'best friend, Niles Fahy, had been killed. As usual. Although I like those townspeople, who usually help me with my case, I would sure hate to be their best friend.

And thus The Terrifying Case of the Wayward Phantom had begun.

I will not describe the case step by step as I usually do, since there was nothing spectacular about it, and would bore you all to tears. Except one thing.

As I was questioning a suspect, Deborah Fahy, she came up with another suspect of her own - a suspect we all know very well.

"The victim's Acquaintance, Cyrus Tibby had a reason to do it. He was insane, and had no concept of morality."

Yes, Cyrus Tibby, the bartender at the Tricky Mister bar.

Although I'm an abstinence, and never go into the bar for a drink, I know him since the day I started my own detective career. I always ask him for help and be his source of extra income from time to time.

But I have never known before that he is insane.

I went to his house immediately and asked him for his own suspects. He cooperated with me on that but clammed up when asked about his alibi. My sweet talking had no effect on him at all (guess that was because he's insane, or because he didn't appreciate my ability to flirt.) Still, it would be interesting if he said he was at the bar at the time, and had himself as his own alibi. That's what insane guys do.

I went on investigating, but there was nothing interesting to tell. All normal stuff, really. The real murderer was Lanette Cagle, Niles'personal doctor who want to steal his family heirloom. Sheesh, what was wrong with those people? Hadn't they sworn the Hippocratic Oath?

Well, I guess it was a good thing Cyrus didn't turn out to be the murderer so he can still help me with my case. But I now have to be wary of him a little bit more - you never know what an insane person will do.

Oh, and now I know why he let the shady guy to stay in his bar.


Sir Kittithaj
Sir Kittithaj

May-17-2005 06:07


Cyrus Tibby

Relationship to Victim: Acquaintance

Left handed
Hair: straight
Build: heavy

Motive: Insanity

If you would like to see what he look like, see:


Do you have similar experience? Feel free to share.

Especially if it is about father Manfred Gesling.

Old Shoe

May-17-2005 12:32

In this thread I mentioned that I got Ruby Kinsella. It also turns out that someone else got Cyrus Tibby as his suspect too but this time the bartender was a real alibi


May-18-2005 01:30

Wow, this is another very detailed step by step account of a case. Reading it, I almost feel as if I played a game again after all this time, but then without getting any cash or experience points. Hahahah. :)

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