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Individual Hunts / Bounty Hunts
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Blaise Joshua
Blaise Joshua

May-12-2005 10:45

As an individual Sleuther, I was wondering if perhaps there could be some kind of hunt intended for agents who work alone, with any prize going to that individual agent.

I've never participated in a treasure hunt, and I'm told that as a lone agent there's not much point in me trying. I know there are a few other sole-traders out there, as well as subbed detectives who aren't part of an agency, so as a suggestion I'd like to put forward the idea.

It would open up a few interesting possibilities too, including agents within an agency competing against each other and giving agents that are members of agencies that don't participate in hunts different something to do.

As a suggestion, they could be Bounty Hunts - with the prize awarded to the first detective that hunts down and captures the fugitive.

What do you all think?



May-13-2005 10:36

Last October if I recall. Ben set it up so anyone could sign up, and start a new unsubscribed character. Everybody who played got their 3 cases a day plus favor, and all their gains were tallied. At the end of the contest (it ran 6 days or a week) the sleuth with the most got an autographed copy of the book, The Mopmen, whose author was a sleuther. Now (mind like a sieve) I think it was $money rather than experience, since the idea of selling the gear you were wearing the last day was mentioned. It was fun to watch even if you didn't play. And if someone in your agency ran a character you could all root for them even if you couldn't help.

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