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A Sleuth Suggestion Whilst Preserving Ben's Rationale
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D.L. Williams
D.L. Williams

Jun-22-2004 09:01

[Topic Spin-Off from "Erasing An Identity]

Ben, that's one of my problems too (being unable to recreate the detective).. I created quite a few IDs cos my initial ones are crappy. *laughs sheepishly* I want my identity to be as close to reality as possible, so I'm really running out of naming options.

I remember you were saying on one of the other message threads (hey I do my research, okay..) that you didn't want to "Delete" a character cos it would cause problems in displaying message posts etc, plus you wanted to preserve a "Hall of Fame" for retired detectives?

I was thinking.. (yea that happens a lot in Sleuth), perhaps if a detective makes 3 false accusations, you could add in the following threads:

I had made one too many false accusations and my reputation as a reliable sleuth was considerably tarnished. I had one of two options; either to retire quietly after years of dedication, or start from scratch to rebuild my career.

- Retire quietly
- Rebuild your career

Essentially, this ties in with both your rationales for not deleting a character, but gives detectives some leeway in deciding their fate.

Technically, retiring would be more attractive for old-timers with an impeccable track record, and rebuilding a career serves the lower-end rookies who earned their bad reputations too early.

Both come at a price. REtiring means you cant use the same ID. REbuilding means you have to sweep floors for awhile. REpeating your point means you're D.L. Williams, and REplying would make you the bigger person! *smiles*

Hope to hear your comments on this suggestion soon.


D.L. Williams
D.L. Williams

Jun-23-2004 00:53

Great! Thanks for taking the time to consider the suggestion. Appreciate it.

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