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just for laughs
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May-9-2005 02:31

hii i am raine a young girl playing this game for around a month...seeing that everyone is stress out in this game..might as well laugh out loud..haha...this a joke over here...hopwe you guys laugh..

a traveller arrived at a small country railway station.There was no one around, and the first thing he noticed was a sign on a door "ladies not working".
he turned the corner and found another sign "gents out of order"
furious,he found a telephone box and called the director of the railway company.
"Tell me," he said, "if the ladies aren't working and the gents are out of action, who do you think is going to drive the train?"

it may be lame but it's just for laughs...haha..



May-9-2005 21:15

thanx lo+s guys...hahaha=D..h0pe you guys =D..goD bless y0u...

r a i n e

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