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False accusations?
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Miss Jazzabelle
Miss Jazzabelle

May-7-2005 22:24

Who do I talk to if I believe I solved the case right according to all the clues but it said I falsely accused? All the clues pointed to certain people yet I was told I was wrong. This included one that said they knew who the murderer was but said they had no reason to suspect the "real" murderer.
Any help would be great, thanks in advance.

Miss Jazzabelle


Sir Kittithaj
Sir Kittithaj

May-10-2005 06:47

Heh, just kidding!


Perhaps I should go back to "hard" level and collect more skill points before moving on...


May-10-2005 21:42

*with a sigh and look of defeat, she places a piece of paper to the side of the desk while she puts away the stacks of threads*

Well, it's not the one I was looking for, but thanks to help from Marcus Andrew, I did find this....

Take it to mean what you will....

I do, however, stand by my aforementioned formulas. As cfmdec, I survived on the 2WE's until I had a decent set of smart skills.

(Before anyone points out that cfmdec is now retired, it was choice I made to retire her. It was no accident.)

Sir Kittithaj
Sir Kittithaj

May-14-2005 03:47

Well, cfm, that CONFIRMS your aforementioned formula, doesn't it?

If someone has a FALSE alibi, only ONE physical or witness evidence pointing to him is enough to accuse him; having more evidences is a blessing.

However, if someone's alibi is uncheckable, you'll have TWO witness evidences to be sure about accusing him. Otherwise you'll have to take a calculated risk.

1/3 chance for a false witness evidence.

n-1/n chance for a false physical evidence, where n is the number of evidence available.

If you have both physical and witness evidence, multiply those two numbers up. You'll got the chance all your evidences will be WRONG.

And most importantly, take Murphy's Law into account.

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