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The John Hale Mysteries

John Hale
John Hale
Yarn Weaver

May-7-2005 12:25

I recently got my homepage set up, with a link to it via the community pages list. I just wanted to personally invite you all to check out the downloads. One is a novella of mine, the other is the first installment of the John Hale mystery series. As you might imagine, he is the character my sleuth detective draws his name from. Check it out, share it with friends, and enjoy. Both works are copywritten, so if you know anyone else who might like the story, feel free to send it their way.

One note: Both stories are mature content on-par with the Sleuth's rating classification. Neither are over the top or exceptionally graphic, but they aren't for children.

The site itself is:


Blaise Joshua
Blaise Joshua

May-7-2005 13:57

Hey John - I didn't realise you were a writer too : o ) I shall peruse with interest and let you know what I think.


May-7-2005 15:38

Cool John Hale, I will read them

I am actually taking a professional journalism course right now, just for fun though. Because I like writing. I'd let your read it, but how far advanced is your dutch? :)

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