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May-6-2005 17:27

How do you begain a hunt?
I just started an agency and I do not see any where to start a hunt.
Can someone help me out?
Pm me with details please?



May-9-2005 00:55

i think jovan probably did the right thing committing hari kari after the persona he created!!!!!
hopefully he'll learn from his mistakes and come back a reformed character and realise that this is a "community" and NOT some x-rated chat site!!!!
although he had taste asking about the hottest Beauty Queen in town!!
What do you mean WHO!? ME of course ;)

Sir Kittithaj
Sir Kittithaj

May-9-2005 09:47

What? Your character is a FEMALE? I have never noticed that.

One burning question remains: is it possible for female to be bald? I know it can happen under some conditions (medical drugs, radiation) but it shouldn't be possible in the 30s. Well, unless she shave her own head, of course.

Oh, and you probably know that your character's picture is listed as a "male" one when it shows up on a case. Hmm...

And the Beauty Pagent Sash which gives +6 toughness - instead of the more appropriate charm? What the... ?

You're a real "unique" character, croesy. :)

As for jovan, I'm sure he'll return unless he's willing to lose his subscription fee. We can only hope he come back to atone for his misdeeds, instead of making more.


May-13-2005 21:08

What I love about Sleuthsville is that we have all of you keeping a watchful eye on our City & not allowing nonsense. I feel safe knowing your watching my back. Thanks! detectives.

Sir Kittithaj
Sir Kittithaj

May-14-2005 04:16

Well, someone really makes a mistake if he thinks he can fool all of us here. As Scruffy Outlay put it in the infamous "P.M. Replies." thread of jovanjohnson himself:

"Come on...we're amateur detectives here.

DON'T PLAY WITH US...just play the game!"

Can't put it better myself.

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