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A bug in the "twist" scene.
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Sir Kittithaj
Sir Kittithaj

May-5-2005 09:27

Yesterday I was solving a case: The Baffling Hunt for the Forgotten Shenanigan.

I started by searching the crime scene, as usual, and found a threatening note from a left handed person and a footprint from a slim one.

After I had left the crime scene, there was a twist. I ran into my acquaintance, Miss Pansy Dew. She told me that she saw the cops hauling Mildred Emry off in handcuffs. And while I had to admit that I didn't fully trust Mildred myself, I was fairly sure she wasn't the murderer.

There was one problem: I had never heard about Mildred Emry before. The twist scene, however, told me otherwise.

Some time later, I talked to one suspect and learnt about Mildred Emry. I went to her house and found that she was right handed and heavy. So she was obviously innocent (how the police suspected her was a mystery.) Later, I caught the real murderer and Mildred was very grateful for that.

Still, the fact that I knew well about Mildred before I had ever talked to her or any suspects irritated me to no end.

And it wasn't the first time something like this happened. In fact, it was the THIRD time such event happened to me. One event was exactly like this. In another event I had a nightmare about a suspect whom I had never seen before, whose picture was covered in blood.

Everytime I encountered this bug I sent a report using available form. However, it has never been fixed. That's why I'm posting about it here.

A twist should give a suspense or immerse the player into the story. However, this bug does the opposite; it destroys the immersion. It makes the player to believe less in the story, and thus having less fun.

"Suspension of disbelief is hard to achieve and hard to maintain... One reference to anything outside the imaginary world you've created is enough to destroy that world." - Brian Moriarty, game designer.



May-7-2005 15:33

You know how some people write intros? (I dont know how they submit them or anything... ive just seen "by *******" when reading the intos to cases) twists should be written by other people, too, so they'd be a little more original....

Is this a possibility?

Sir Kittithaj
Sir Kittithaj

May-8-2005 03:10

To submit an intro, go to the City Hall, scroll down to the bottom, and click on a link that says "Submitting Content to Sleuth."

Good idea on submitting twists; they get old after a while. I hope Ben is reading this thread.

Sir Kittithaj
Sir Kittithaj

May-10-2005 04:15

Sorry to bring this up again, but it hasn't been fixed yet.

Today I did a case: The Illogical Exercise of the Indian Sin.

There were 3 suspects at the beginning of the investigation:
- Luna Logue, the victim's Best Friend (ironically, this "Best Friend" turned out to be the murderer.)
- Ingrid Martin, the victim's
Executor of Estate, who was my client.
- Leoni Rudisill, the victim's Loan Shark.

After I had investigated the scene of the crime I had a "nightmare" twist, which Yama Logue, the victim's Brother, showed up in my dream.

Again, I hadn't heard of this man before.

The bug still exists. Will someone please fix it so the story will be more believable and players will be more entertained?

P.S. I also found the new twist today - the "kidnap" one. Good one, really.

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