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Great Ideas!...I think?!?! Loans - Crime Lab Ideas!
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Apr-2-2004 09:32

What if we could take out loans from the bank... maybe there could be a new 'mob' group for us to get them from...and we'd have to pay interest and stuff? The loan amount could be based on diff. factors- like how long has the person been a player...or how much exp. do they have.

Some more ideas:

I don't know how the crime labs are going to work in the agencies - but wouldn't it be cool if we could purchase items to use in them? Like there could be a Police Supply Shop, or a hardware shop - and you could buy diff. things like pencil lead - to make fingerprint powder... etc. Maybe there could even be lab machines we could buy, like DNA analysis machines...etc.

I have some ideas for some new skills.

Audio Visual Analysis - You would need to purchase AV equipment.
Blood Spatter Analysis
Fingerprint Analysis - Need to purchase Fingerprint Powder Kit.

Also maybe it could be in order to use skills, like foot print analysis, we would have to buy an Electrostatic print lifter? Or A footprint caster. *Lol..sorry for all the ideas, but I'm way into Forensic Science...* Also some other items, that would work for multiple skills could be a Crime Scene Kit.

What about a tape recorder and a note pad? Functions:
Tape Recorder: You don't have to write anything...automatically records all hints gathered, on your Case File can 'play' (read) your tapes.

or a

(Cheaper) Note Pad - You have to manually write notes in it.


Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Apr-3-2004 16:55

Lots of very good ideas in this thread. Thanks everybody.

Kristen, in regards to some of the specific forensic equipment you mention. It doesn't say anywhere, but I had always thought of Sleuth as taking place in the 30's or early 40's.

Obviously, the fact that fingerprinting isn't in the game would realistically put that date much earlier, but I never figured out a way to work finger printing in where it could function similarly to the existing physical evidence.


Apr-3-2004 18:30

maybe for fingerprinting, you would have to have a kit...and you could find prints on doorknobs...etc., than do research in city hall, and find peoples fingerprint records?!? Just a thought...


Apr-3-2004 21:42

or ask the fortune teller about finger prints... he can probably read hands LOL

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