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Suggestion for 'you need to be subscribed' issue


Apr-19-2005 13:21

I think Ben made things very good when he added the bold text above the links on this board saying
"*Only Subscribers are eligible to join a detective agency*" But I noticed the message is only apparent when you are looking at the various new topics/subjects. Once you click on any one specifically,(like 'overdogs needs one good sleuth') the 'must be subscribed' message disappears - and the questions about whether you need to be subscribed multiply.

Maybe fewer folks would ask that question if it were posted at the top of every thread, not just the higest (subject) level...sorry I don't know what they are called.


Dr. Falco Maltese
Dr. Falco Maltese

Apr-19-2005 23:38

It's worth a shot!

Alternatively, I dunno, a pop-up for everyone who posts on this thread every darn time they post? It might be annoying, but then again, so is this recurring issue!


Apr-20-2005 02:27

Even when you put on the ad your placing that they must be subbed it doesn't work. I have given up hope!

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