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Number of Contacts per City
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Grizelda Frachion
Grizelda Frachion

Apr-18-2005 15:39


Is it kosher to ask how many contacts a detective can have per city?

I'm not certain when to have Grizelda start traveling, and I'm in no great hurry. I'd like to stay in one place for long enough to experience a large part of what each city has.

This wouldn't have occurred to me -- except in an effort to find an agency that I feel compatible with (and feels compatible with me) I've been looking at everything I can on profiles. The pattern looks like it's two (2) contacts to a city, so I thought I'd ask.

Thank you.

The Player of Grizelda Fracion.


Cee Cee Cane
Cee Cee Cane

Apr-18-2005 18:56

That is quite alright Grizelda, I 'm sure this would be something new players would be interested in.

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