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A Chain is only as strong as its Weakest Link
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Grizelda Frachion
Grizelda Frachion

Apr-17-2005 12:29

Grizelda drummed the fingernails of her left hand on the table top. She didn't know for sure if she wanted to be in an agency or not.

Taking to the typewriter as she usually did when thinking things through, the newshawk turned part-time sleuth made a list of all her concerns:

Will it be fun?
Will it be easy-going?
What if I can't be there all the time? There are simply some unpredictable days when I'm going to dust out. Is that a beef?
She was new to the joint -- no sap, but not entirely savvy either.

The clackety-clacking stopped as she leaned forward to re-read the list.

Nodding to herself, she knew she'd have more questions.

**I need more dope on agencies** the brown haired woman thought to herself. Picking up the phone she called one of her friends at the newspaper to find out the cost of an inquiry ad.


Holly s.
Holly s.

Apr-18-2005 04:07

I have also sent you a PM about joining Casa Blanca.


Apr-18-2005 05:07

And one is sent from me...

Grizelda Frachion
Grizelda Frachion

Apr-20-2005 20:16

An unruly shock of hair fell into the reporter-cum-sleuth's eyes. The sheer volume of detective agencies was overwhelming.

**They're all great joes. How do I choose just one?**

She had taken the opportunity to talk with several directors, and many agents within each of the agencies that had taken the time to contact her.

At the very least, she was sure she'd made a few friends. At the worst, she had a splitting headache trying to decide just where she belonged.

At least she had it narrowed down to four.

Finally, it came down to gut instinct. And the fickle finger of fate.

She put the names of the four agencies she felt comfortable with on separate slips of paper, placed them in a small circle on the table at the cardinal compass points and spun a pencil. The choice of agency would be the one the pencil lead pointed to.

I cannot thank everyone enough for the information and conversations that came about because of this.

You've got many a fine person in this community.

I didn't realize what I was getting into when I decided to seek out an agency. And folks have been both patient and helpful as I continue to make "newbie" mistakes.

Thanks to you all.

The Player of Grizelda Frachion


Apr-20-2005 23:15

Welcome to the Underground, Grizelda!

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