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Safe Cracking


Apr-5-2005 12:00

hello all! i don't know if this question has been asked before or not. i tried to find it in the message board but i couldn't, so sorry if it has been. is Safe Cracking a useful skill for me to get? i'm asking this because i'm not a subscribed member. and if it is not, should i stop doing favors for cosa nostra and do favours for another agency to get on their good side?


Old Shoe

Apr-5-2005 12:09

Grocia - no.

Safecracking is ONLY good if you are in an agency that does hunts, and no one else in the agency has it.

Almost any other faction favor would be better. Pickpocketing (Dies Arcanum) is good for getting you money if you are not in agency, that can be helpful, and hypnosis (Socrates) will help you solve cases.


Apr-7-2005 00:13

Safecracking can be useful even if others in the agency have it, though it won't do you any good at all if you are not subscribed and in an agency.

But really, the main issue here is that the faction skills are all "fluff" compared with the basic skills you need at your experience level. So don't worry too much about the factions right now, and work on those basic interviewing skills.

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