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Are You Ready to Grow?
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Madame TBird
Madame TBird

Mar-29-2005 08:40

TBird Investigations is a busy agency. We mostly focus on caseload & helping each other. If you have found yourself stuck in a rut & you're really ready to take off. This is the place for you! If the following describes you, then come on & join what are you waiting for?
We Need:

-You to be subscribed, don't apply if you're unsubscribed.
-Be more than 10 days old with at least 5000 exp. preferbly more
-Banker/Tailor contact in New York is a plus!
-Prefer a female as we are mostly a girl's club
-Mature Person
-Be on daily or at least 5 days a week
-Fun & social with a good sense of humor
-Careful with False Accusations who has learned not to have to pay Shady off very often
-Can be here between 6am - 8pm Sleuth time (see city hall clock)
-Has good concept of the game
-Previous agnecy exp. is ok, just be upfront & honest
-Willing to be here for the longhaul

Send a Private Message to River, HeartBreaker or Madame Tbird. You can look us up under send a private message. Please turn your pop-up blocker off, otherwise you'll miss your invite.


Dark Raven
Dark Raven
Trusted Informer

Apr-15-2005 23:12

Madame,your posting is are you ready to grow? There is the punch line from jstkdn.

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