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Agency advice


Mar-16-2005 20:30

With almost 5 days in the game so far, I'm starting to think about agency involvement, and wondering...

Do I want to look for an agency to join, or do I want to take the subbstantial stash I've built up and found my own?



Mar-16-2005 22:38

If you join an agency the other people in it can help you alot. I joined an existing agency, and everyone was really nice to me. They gave me equipment, and help me with my cases. I have noticed that there seems to be a shortage of subscribed players, and some agencies are having trouble finding people to join.


Mar-17-2005 10:39

I do think it is smart, that when you plan to join an agency. To ask, how that agency works.

What I mean is, the only thing you can tell from the top 20 list of agencies which ones are the most active, or the longest time around.

There agencies:
- "we must win"/military style/anything goes. And in between.
- With a lot of young players, a lot of old players, or everything in between.
- Agencies of people that play daily, vs don't that don't.
- Very established agencies that will be around still 3 months from now. And those that may end up killing themselves before that time comes.
- Agencies with IRL younger people, older, or a mix.
- Some agencies play the treasure hunts all the time, some hardly ever. Or in between.
- Some agencies won't let you become director, others promote you to director within a few weeks.

What is not a smart idea. Is to say, "hello I am Dractas, I play daily, who wants to have me?" Anyone will take you, everybody loves the daily players.

As it is hard to get new members. You can shop around.

Starting your own agency. You can rule your own world. is very hard to get members. You likely require the experience of a pro. You can bring someone in who will advise you, and then leaves, require with detective calalta for information.


Mar-17-2005 10:41

That would be INQUIRE with det calalta.

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