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Larry the Toe


Mar-15-2005 08:30

I paid Larry the Toe, he said, "Tonight, you can find Big Lucy's Cabaret near the docks, north of the Gypsy Camp.." But now I can't find it. Their not at the bar (North of Gypsy Camp), the Fortune Teller (in gypsy camp), or the Docks . . . now what? Did I just waste my money?



Mar-15-2005 09:42

You won't see any difference on the map. Move your cursor around the area that is instructed. The instruction is actually not very accurate. If you have started a new case then the cabaret is gone. Try it next time. There are some items for sale but they are usually very expensive and in some treasure hunt, you need to visit Lucy. If you subscribe, you will know what I am talking about! :)

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