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votes for best pic
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Mar-9-2005 10:50

i thought that maybe we could have comp for person with best detective picture. (Im sure Ben could provide a "free gift" for the winner?)
i vote for "detective fresh" she reminds me of miss doolittle from my fair lady



Apr-9-2005 12:35

what's that? encore i hear you cry well how about West Side Story (*clears throat*):

I feel pretty,
Oh so pretty
That the city
Should give me it's key
A committee should
Be organized
To honor me

I feel dizzy,
I feel sunny
I feel fizzy and funny and fine
And so pretty,
Miss America
Can just

BALD AND PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Apr-9-2005 14:18

congrats Crosey and i do love the prize Ben gave you. You are right Bald is beautiful :)

Madame TBird
Madame TBird

Apr-9-2005 17:34

Yeah, by the way, a guy that works with my husband went & the hair transplants. It was AWEFUL! It went wrong & he red/purple bloteches were he didn't have hair. His head looked like checkerboard. He would have a splotch of hair then the red/purple blotch. You didn't know to laugh or cry for him. Was really sad (but funny too).


Apr-10-2005 05:46

*reminds herself to not get a hair transplant.*


Apr-10-2005 13:51

I love the prize but laugh that it increases toughness.

Dark Raven
Dark Raven
Trusted Informer

Apr-29-2005 20:38

Loved the prize...Somehow, having a hard time to feel intimidated by someone wearing a sash...But hey if it works for you, go for it...


May-3-2005 19:43

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY DEAREST CROESY!! If only someone had told me back when the contest was going about this I would have voted for you!! Well actually I might've voted for Jen....JUST KIDDING! While Jen wins beautiful award, you definitely have won most unique. We at Just Around the Corner miss our favorite bald headed mascot and comic relief! RETURN UNTO US WHEN THOU BEEST ABLE!

*sums up all her singing capabilities which are probably just a notch beneath Croesy's and unleashes a song that would hopefully make him proud*
ou've got a friend in me
You've got a friend in me
When the road looks rough ahead
And you're miles and miles
From your nice warm bed
Just remember what your old pal said
Boy, you've got a friend in me
You've got a friend in me
You've got a friend in me
You've got a friend in me
You've got troubles, well I've got 'em too
There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you
We stick together and we see it through
You've got a friend in me
You've got a friend in me

Some other folks might be
A little bit smarter than I am
Bigger and stronger too
But none of them will ever love you the way I do
It's me and you
And as the years go by
Boys, our friendship will never die
You're gonna see
It's our destiny
You've got a friend in me
You've got a friend in me
You've got a friend in me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


May-4-2005 00:43

thanks Meg (*blushes*) I miss you guys too and as soon as i fail my exams i WILL BE back!!!

We'll meet again,
Don't know where,
Don't know when,
But I know
We'll meet again
Some sunny day.

Keep smiling through
Just like you
Always do
Till the blue skies
Drive the dark clouds
Far away.

So will you please
Say hello
To the folks
That I know
Tell them,
I won't be long.

They'll be happy to know
That as you saw me go
I was singing this song.


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