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help i'm stuck


Mar-1-2005 01:56

I have the evidence but no motive and everyone is clammed up. What can I do?


Dark Raven
Dark Raven
Trusted Informer

Mar-1-2005 02:14


You are done for. It happened to me before where I had the evidence and the eyewitness account to convict someone, when I went to accuse the suspect, I noticed that I had no motives. I had exhausted all me ressources and could not get a motive. I had to quit the case. It is better to quit a case that to have a false accusation.

Better luck next time

Dark Raven


Mar-1-2005 18:47

In some cases where the suspects are clammed but the townspeople are not, you can get another suspect name from a townsperson and get more motives from that new person. (Though alas, the name you get from a townsperson will be without motive.)

In an agency there are ways to get some help with clammed suspects.

There are also ways associated with the factions, most notably the new surveillance skill.

It also might become part of your strategy not only to work completing your suspect list first, but also ensuring that everyone on it (most notably, your client) has a motive before you continue work on solving the case.

Alternatively, you can make sure your client has a valid alibi before wasting more motive questions.

Hope this isn't too much information all at once!

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