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La Cosa Nostra


Feb-17-2005 11:13

Why do my points keep disappearing from my status with La Cosa Nostra. The day before yesterday, I had 21 points. When I checked yesterday it was 17. Yesterday by the time I logged out, I had 20 points. Today, it's been knocked down to 18. How can I keep the points from going down?



Feb-17-2005 12:48

Faction standings decay a little every day until you get back down to about 10. the higher you get your standing, the faster the points drop back - so if you want to be really good with a faction, you need to keep doing little favors every day.

Having it work like this keeps any one person from getting a lock on being tops for a faction. And if you ever decide you want to change from one faction to another, you will bless Ben for thinking of this, because time will do a lot of your work for you.

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