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Happy Birthday, Sam Spade - wherever you are!


Feb-14-2005 07:14

Just heard on NPR that today is Sam Spade's 75th birthday. They interviewed a fellow who was living in the apartment where the book was written, and also where Sam lived.
And they even used the same catch phrase about him that appears in one of the Little Favor questions, but I'm not going to give away which one.

So - Happy Birthday, Sam, whereever you are.

And as a little Trivia fact for JSTKDN, originally they didn't think you could set a gritty noir novel in San Francisco because it was 'too genteel' (Ben, I vote to add SF to our next batch of new cities, maybe 'cause I was born there!)



Feb-14-2005 10:08

I vote Idaho!

"the case of the half-eaten potato"
"the case of the mysterious tractor"

The only bad part of it would be that there would only be about 7 suspects...period! There's no more people!


Feb-14-2005 13:02

LOL on the Idaho one.

San Fran is my favourite city in the US, that I have seen.

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