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Feb-13-2005 09:04

should i choose sweet talking or rule bending?


mr mason
mr mason

Feb-13-2005 09:18

You will need both if you want to be a charming detective. Sweet talking will help you with the suspects. Rule bending will help you with the townies. So, which one is giving you more troubles at the moment? Get that first.

mr mason
mr mason

Feb-13-2005 09:24

I will add that you only need tough or charming, not both.


Feb-14-2005 03:55

I would add them in a balanced way.
Basic sweet talking and rule bending ASAP when you start.
Then Intermediate Sweet talking
Then Advanced rule bending
Then Advanced sweet talking.
I would have intermed & advanced on my 'to-get right away' list, after research (and I like lockpicking, so I would get that pretty early too). When I got all that, I'd start with the smart skills.

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