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Join Us! Fat Kitten Detective Agency
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Wayne Williams Jr.
Wayne Williams Jr.

May-27-2004 11:16

Fat Kitten would like to invite a detective to join us.

We are looking for someone with a keen interest in the game, and who will be likely to be active for some time to come.

Most important, the detective should be sensible about game ettiquette and respect all other members.

Affiliation with Dies Arcanum Brotherhood, with Banker contact is a plus.

If you fit the description, hop on and join in the FUN with us!

Your friendly fellow Sleuth,
Wayne Williams Jr.
Fat Kitten Detective Agency


D.L. Williams
D.L. Williams

Jun-25-2004 10:26

I'm experiencing subscribing problems. For the life of me(!!!) I can't seem to get the transaction done. And after all the comtemplating too... *sighs wistfully*

But I'll come back to you on your generous offer.

D.L. Williams
D.L. Williams

Jun-25-2004 19:32

Hello Kitten and Co.

My account is set up, but I have been hired by Chicago Detective Agency. I'm currently putting myself on a probationary period with them, just to see how we interact as a team. So far, the teammates I've met are a wonderful bunch and I have no complaints. (Geez..why does this feel as if I'm writing in my journal??)

I hope you understand that due to my sudden employment under CHicago, I am inclined to turn down your gracious offer at this point in time.

*Tips her hat at Kitten and Co.*

I hope there are no hard feelings. See you soon!

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