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Pub quiz
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Feb-10-2005 12:59

Almost daily a new pub quiz is posted in the Gumshoe lounge, come in an join us. Or volunteer to write a pub quiz (send me a private message)

The below quiz is only for people whom have NOT been in Sleuth more then 20 days!!! So also people whom started a new detective are ruled out.

1. Where can you find the Order of the Socrates?
2. Which faction gives pickpocketing as a skill. I.e. a skill that allows you to get the money for a case, even though the killer is the client.
3. Which skill automatically eliminates a suspect, despite having a false alibi.
4. What does a moderator do?
5. How can you find out how many agencies there are?
6. What is NOT a benefit to subscribing: A) Possibility to play with others, B) Possibility to have access to an equipment locker to store equipment, C) Possibility to have access to a crime lab, D) Possibility to join treasure hunts, E) Possibility to save cases for the next day, F) Posissibility to have others help you with their contacts, G) Possibility to have a safe to store money, H) You are allowed to have 4 falses until your detective dies, I) You get 8 normal cases a day, soon 10, J) Soon you are able to play in more then one sleuth city, K) No more banner adds.
7. How can you get rid of false accusations?
8. If you are a tough character, what is the best thing to do buy tough skills, or charming skills to augment your detective?
9. What is strategically the least favourite detective arch type to pack A) Very smart, B) Very charming, C) Very tough.
10. A tommy gun can be acquired by doing favours. How else can you acquire a Tommy gun?
11. In order to receive private messages, what needs to be turned off?
12. Do you need to be subscribed to join an agency?
13. What is the real name of the Sleuth admin? (bonus for last name)
14. If a suspect has a fake or no alibi, and is identified by the evidence given by one of the physical evidence contacts. What does that mean?



Feb-18-2005 22:59

he just likes it that way, i guess,

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