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Jun-14-2023 10:20

Larry the toe told me to find Big Lucys Cabaret "tonight at the ballroom, north of the church". I have a few questions. First, what does tonight mean? Is it a certain server time, or just a supposed in-game time? Second, where the heck is the ballroom?? Where can i find it?


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jun-14-2023 22:21

Hello Bailey!

When you get a clue that like that, BEFORE you open any new cases go to the map and (if youre using a laptop/computer) press CTRL +A at the same time.

Everything that you can click on will highlight in gray squares. In this case, you'd look at anything clickable North of the church, there should be a little gray square to click on.

If you forget to do this after you get the clue and start/open a new case then the clue is gone, and you will need to get Larry again, for another clue that will be different from the previous you got.

Hope that helps!


Jun-15-2023 22:42

Hi, Lady Jas explained the gist of it. I just wanted to add that "tonight" means nothing in this case. Just something that adds to the story,

Jesse Hunter
Jesse Hunter

Jun-26-2023 19:40

Ah yes, the CTRL-A trick. I fear that many new players who use smartphones or tablets may miss out on a number of hidden treats.

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